Mizore Nashi (Pear) Drink

The first week of October, and what do you think of? If it’s pears and Funasshi the genderless pear mascot, then you’re right in line with Japan and this Mizore Nashi drink release.
The drink itself is pretty common in Japan, selling from a variety of companies and packages—most of which do not require an animated endorser. The taste itself is pretty much what you’d expect if you’ve ever eaten a pear before, with added pear chunks—to give that extra possibility of choking to death. Refreshing, but a little heavy with the sugar.
The main focus of this particular variety is the character Funasshi. Originally created by a citizen in Funabashi, Chiba prefecture to promote tourism in the town, the local government did not officially approve of it, so Funasshi went on to pursue greener pastures himself. Apart from looking like a Pacman hybrid with a stem, random facts are that he is 1,876 years old, listens to heavy metal, and his favorite food is peaches (kind of like if my favorite food were Japanese people).

Since his original inception, he has starred in his own YouTube videos, released a single titled, “Funa Funa Funasshi,” was interviewed by CNN, and has apparently grossed 200,000,000 yen in revenue (think $2 million). That’s pretty decent for a singing pear. The only thing left is mashing that cute face of his into a pulpy liquid and seeing what he tastes like. And with that, dear readers, I present Mizore Nashi drink!


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