Shizuoka Cola

I was having a crappy day. By dinner time I was exhausted: the kind of emotional tiredness you would get if you were crying or worried all day. Not a good feeling. Time for a snack break.  Walk in to my local market and what do I find: some crappy hazelnut cookie! …

… But also: Shizuoka Cola! It say’s cola but it’s green!


I get back to my office and open it up. It tastes wonderful! Reminds me of the early 90’s “Euro-Coke” from my childhood. Maybe also similar to that bottled Coke you can get imported from Mexico, but with a hint of grape.  Just the right amount of sweetness. But it’s green. And cloudy! Of course, this thing has the tea kanji all over it. This stuff is caffeinated with green tea powder instead of … …(I don’t know where the caffeine in most colas come from). More over, I learn that it is sweetened with something called “liquid grape sugar”. (Grape syrup I guess.) Oh! That’s where the grape taste comes from. Neat!

I sit back, with the bottle empty and consider this beverage! And that’s when the tea flavor arrives. It’s in the aftertaste! Wonderful stuff.

20141007_180911 20141007_180902 20141007_180855 20141007_180849


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