Fuji Cider

On the heels of the Shizuoka Cola drink comes the Mt. Fuji Soda pop. This offering is by the same company as the cola: Kimura Drink company.


The styling again is very retro. Hard to see in the photo, but the label is actually impregnated with glittery flakes that shine as the light hits them.  The English writing says: Soda Pop, but the Japanese reads Cider all over the label.

Of course the claim is that the water used in this drink comes from Mt. Fuji itself. More so, it is collected at the foot of Mt. Fuji and is claimed to be slightly alkaline. (There is plenty of “Vanadium Water” mineral waters out there in the stores that claim to use Fuji water. I do not find the same taste in this drink. Perhaps the flavoring and the sugar are masking the mineral taste.)

Actually. This tastes like those Ramune drinks: the ones with a glass bead acting as the cork of the bottle. But, I would say more refined. The sugar content is much smaller, not overwhelming, and there is definitely more tang compared to your typical Ramune drink.

20141008_134818 20141008_134814


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