Do It Yourself Matcha

Okay. I saw this one before, but only one time. And this appears again.  Do it yourself Matcha.


It looks like a bottle of water with a green label over it. And that is what it basically is. A bottle of water. That is until you read the instructions on the back.


The bottle cap actually doubles as a container of matcha powder. When you twist it, the powder is released into the water. You must now shake this vigorously to mix things up.

20141009_141120 20141009_141143

You can see in the above photos the cap is actually a long tube that housed the Matcha.

On to the taste! I was actually expecting it to be much more bitter, more than the typical green teas available at the stores. But I was wrong, the bitterness was not there at all. At first I thought the tea was actually weak, not so! The flavor is subtle, but good: very leafy (as is the intention.) You taste the tea flavor, not the bitterness. Obviously the drink tastes very grainy as you just dumped a cap-full of tea leaf powder into it, but this only ads to the experience. I would definitely recommend this over purchasing the basic green tea bottle. The strange cap is more than just a gimmic.

The white cap can also be taken off with some elbow grease. This way you can see the powder storage mechanism: there is a plug at the bottom that “clicks” onto the green top, and pops off when you crack the top open.

20141009_141716 20141009_141720


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