This blog is started by two western guys living in Japan.

When moving to Japan we got accustomed to dropping by a convenience store (Conbini) after lunch to pick up a soft drink and a snack. Very quickly, we realized the magnitude of the Japanese drink and snack landscape. Not only, is there a constant flood of variety, there is also a constant rotation of seasonal offerings with unique flavors. More over, there are often promotions of free toys, stamps and nick knacks that come with drink purchase. A lot of this free stuff is actually high quality, for example car models with metal bodies.

These seasonal offerings and promos are often fleeting, flooding the shelves of the stores for a week or two before disappearing forever. We could not let these wonders of flavor become lost in the annals of history. Hence, this blog!

During the coffee promotion with good quality Fairlady Z cars, one of us (being a Z owner himself) got the “bright” idea to share the toys with fellow Z enthusiast in the states. We posted a page on a Z forum offering to buy and send these drinks to anyone who wants them. The response was overwhelming!  In the same spirit, we will help you become the owner of any drink or snack you see on our blog (or even if you don’t see it here). We are not a big warehouse, and do not keep stock, but we will gladly check out the local markets to look for your request. Feel free to fill out our Request page and will tell you what we could find, and the (reasonable) cost to receive it.


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