Request Drinks or Food


We will entertain any requests to buy food and drink items featured on our blog.

For that matter, we will entertain request just for the gifts/toys that come with the drinks. (This can save you on shipping.)

We are not a company with a large warehouse, nor do we have connections with any of the supplier, nor are we paid to promote any specific product. We are just a couple of guys living in Japan. This is why we have a contact form, instead of an online store. Please fill in the form with the details of what you want. We will physically go to the stores and look for the drinks/food available and quote you a price*.

Remember. The seasonal drinks and promotions are often short lived and run out of stock within a week.  By the time you make a request, it may be too late.

*What to expect from the price quote: The drinks generally cost 1.5-3USD, the shipping will be 10-30USD (if you order only a few examples), we will charge a small “finders fee” depending on how difficult it was for us to find (generally on a similar scale as the order sub-total) .



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