Update: Tetsu Ramen

Well, tsukemen actually. The soup is hot and separate from the cold noodles. You dip the noodles in the soup and slurp away.

My Euro coworker found the Japanese ramen database a while ago. The number 24 place in Tokyo is within walking distance from my apartment. I finally make the trek over there. The streets are empty and the day is windy. There is only one place with a crowd, and it’s the Tetsu ramen place!


Damn! This must be good. I buy the ticket for their special tskemen, and stand in line for half an hour to get in. This is the result.


The noodles are refreshingly chilled and cooked just long enough to still be springy not mushy. The soup is super thick, loaded with toppings. Oily, but just oily enough not to get in the way, slightly sweet. Actually tastes mildly like sprats in liquid form, but in a good way. And clings in a very satisfying way to the noodles.


As you finish your noodles, the soup is cool, with plenty of it left. You are now handed a jug full of broth and a super hot stone on a spoon. Dilute the soup. Drop the stone in and watch it boil! A bit gimmicky, but it works. You now have a bowl of warm soup to chase down the noodles that you ate. And no broth goes to waste. Definitely worth it.


As I am leaving Tetsu I see what looks like a young version of Donald Trump waiting in line: skinny striped suit, oompa-loompa skin, yellow/orange hair in a weird style. The guy is followed by ugly men with big camera equipment. The girl I went to the ramen shop with goes a little crazy. Apparently that was Jonathan from Tokyo MX TV, westerner that grew up in Japan and is now on TV. Great ramen, and a celebrity sighting all in one. Not bad!


Update: If you are a tourist, the location of the original place might as well be in the middle of the dessert. You will never end up there. Unless you go to Nippori cat street, but you will stuff your face there anyway. But now! There is a new location at Tokyo Dome City (LaQua)! Even closer to me. And it’s a shopping mall, with lots of attractions and excuses to be in the area. Oh glory!